metallic vinyl sticker

matt vinyl sticker
matt stickers

matt vinyl sticker

metallic vinyl sticker
metallic vinyl sticker

oval metallic sticker

silver sticker
silver stickers

Round cornered sliver sticker

oval matallic sticker
oval silver sticker

Oval silver label sticker


  • Has a vibrant metallic color and gives an effect of stainless steel.
  • The gold background gives a polished brass effect, making even greater quality.
  • Scratch, scuff and water-resistant and sticks to almost any smooth surface.
  • Those silver or gold stickers you see on latest technological electronic products are usually silver stickers.

Appropriate usage

Electronics, furniture, wine, machines and implements, cosmetics and beauty product labels.


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More information

Custom printed metallic stickers are a great way to label products, advertise, promote or just get your message across.
Metallic vinyl Stickers are printed with rich, high quality materials and bright metallic foils.
They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any application. These high quality low cost metallic stickers are perfect for business labels (especially companies that are situated in Toronto Canada, using stickers and labels for their advertising), special occasions, certificate seals, message labels, presentation labels and more.
Clear labels and clear sticker printing, especially in Toronto Canada, plays a critical role in long term business identity development. That is why a wide range of companies are bound to use clear stickers these days involving modern contemporary cell phone industry, media hypes, fashion hypes, DVDs companies, sports industries, music industry and so on.