PVC sticker

pvc thick sticker
pvc thick stickers

Round cornered pvc sticker

oval pvc sticker
oval pvc stickers

Oval pvc sticker

square pvc sticker
square pvc sticker

Square one color pvc sticker

pvc sticker
pvc sticker

vinyl pvc sticker


  • Compare to any ordinary vinyl stickers, PVC stickers are even thicker, tougher, more durable and lasts even longer.
  • It has great shiny appearance and can be applied in various fields of commercial and industrial criteria.
  • Extra UV-Resistant printing is also available.

Appropriate usage

Heavy industry product labels, machine labels, promotion stickers, promotion labels, design labels, etc


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More information

PVC stands for PolyVinyl Chloride. Plastic based PVC stickers are very tough but giving very neat, strong and luxurious image, well suited for company promotion and advertising purposes. Also offered with any size any shape deal, the sticker matches very well with bright coloured design.